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/Mieszkanie Plus – construction of housing estate in Gdynia in the Kacze Buki district/

This is the first pilot project of the housing estate construction in Poland under the government program MIESZKANIE PLUS

The first pilot project of the housing estate in Poland built under the goverment program „ Mieszkanie Plus”:

At the begining of July 2017, in a private area of 1.5 ha construction of a modern housing estate began as part of the government programs „ Mieszkanie plus”, whcih was completed as „ turn-key” in the first quarter of 2019.

The investemnt consists of 172 very comfortable and functional apartments, located in six four- storey buildings with modern architecture. The estate has 224 parking spaces. The estate is located in a quiet area outside the center at Starochwasczynska street and Puszczyka street in Gdynia in the Kacze Buki district. In the location  of this housoing estate , the proximity of two communication axes is important : the noth- south line ( the tri – City ring road) and the west –EAST LINE ( chwaszczynska street and wielkopolska street)  ensuring quick acces to Gdynia and Gdańsk. The housing estate is located neat Tri-City landscape Park, sourrounded by numerous hiking and cycling routes offers plenty of ofppotunities to spend free time.




Fot: Aerial view of the „Mieszkanie Plus’’( Apatments Plus)  housing estate in Gdynia



 Fot: View of individual buildings


  Fot: parkining lots of the estate


 Fot: Surrounding of the housing estate in Gdynia


 Fot: The symbolic start of  construction as part of  Mieszkanie Plus ( Apartment Plus) took place on 3 July 2017 , The Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took part in the ceremony.

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