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Project includes construction of hull modules for helicopter carriers type Mistral and send a group of experts to France.

Navimor International has delivered series of ship modules for helicopter carriers type Mistral under the contract signed with DCN Brest Shipyard.


Wisła Shipyard built partly equipped hull modules. Stocznia WISŁA zbudowała częściowo wyposażone  moduły kadłubowe. For the purpose of marine transport was used Wisła Shipayard pontoon SW6118. 


The contract includes construction, delivery to France and also montage of modules in French Shipyard.


Specialist of Wisła Shipyard assembled in 4 months the essential part of first hull in DCN Brest. Second hull was assembled in 3 months.


DCN Board expressed its highest appreciation for the excellent quality and punctuality of the performed work.

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