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Establishment and management of Lagos State Ferries Services and delivery of ferries in CKD system.

The project included establishment and management of Nigerian transport company Lagos State Ferries Services. In the scope of the contract Navimor delivered a series of river ferries.


The Contract included passenger and car ferries of the following types:

1. Passenger ferries type PP-50

2. Car ferries PD 2 x 120

3. Passenger ferries type WB-280

4. Passenger and car ferries type PCF-26


Vessels were built and delivered in the CKD system (completely knocked down).

Prefabricated elements made in Gdańsk and equipment were packed in containers and sent by sea to Nigerdock Shipyard in Nigeria.

Then, under the supervision of specialists sent by Wisła Shipyard and Remontowa Shipyard, the construction of vessels were continued in Nigerian Shipyard.

After 5 months needed to finish construction works, complete vessel were passed to Nigerian shipowner.



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