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/Młody Jasień 2 - we are building a new housing estate in Gdańsk/

27 buildings in low, terraced houses. Own garden and the possibility of installing a fireplace!




Construction of an estate of multi-family residential buildings.

„MŁODY JASIEŃ 2” at ul. Stężycka in GDAŃSK.







Plot area - 2.10 ha
Usable area - 7 270.32 m2
Number of buildings - 27.00
Number of premises - 96.00 (from 75 to 114 m2)
Two-storey built-up residential premises



Młody Jasień 2 is a housing estate located just 11 minutes from the center of Gdańsk, in the vicinity of the Tri-City Ring Road. 27 buildings constitute low, terraced houses. There are 2, 3 or 4 apartments in each of them, with areas between 65 m² and 114.98 m². Our own garden and the possibility of installing a fireplace make the apartment in the Young Jasień 2 estate as comfortable as living in the house, but definitely for a lower price.


In the vicinity of the Mały Jasień 2 estate, there is a complete commercial and service infrastructure, which makes everyday life much easier. The first shop is 100 m from the estate, as is the Public Positive Kindergarten No. 7. In the immediate vicinity there is also a bus stop (100 m). There will also be a playground on the estate.  


The progress of the housing estate construction as of December 15, 2020.

Buildings: 79%, sanitary networks: 95%, water networks: 95%, rainwater networks: 90%, roads: 67%





Sales for this investment are carried out by the office SIÓDME NIEBO  ( tel: 801 007 008, info@siodme-niebo.pl )




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