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/Building of NIGERDOCK Shipyard in Lagos, Nigeria/

Construction of brand new shipyard on Snake Island in Lagos, Nigeria, with floating dock, huge offshore construction area and workshop complex.





Nigerdock Shipyard
Lagos ( Snake Island)
Floating dock
Roman Kinda and Vice President
Admiral Akhibe during
shipyard opening ceremonies
New construction halls Nigerdock II
Roman Kinda at the opening ceremony
shipyard with the participation of Vice President Admiral Akhibe.



The shipyard was adapted to the needs of the oil extraction industry, which was dynamically developing in West Africa. The project started with soil reinforcement by driving 3,500 piles to lift and move structures weighing up to 1,600 tons. Large halls for the assembly of structures for the mining industry were built in the area prepared in such a way.

Structures 140 meters long and 40 meters wide can be built in the halls, which are then moved to the quay and introduced to the 120-meter floating dock built at the Gdańsk Repair Shipyard in Poland. The shipyard, thanks to equipping it with the most modern technological solutions and providing its employees with a very high standard of work, clearly differs from similar enterprises in African or Asian countries. NIGERDOCK is recognized in 1998. by the Nigerian government for the country's most modern technical undertaking. However, for Poland it was one of the most important investment projects in Africa at that time.


Floating dock launch
built for Nigeria at GSR
Roman Kinda and
Piotr Soyka with the godmother of the dock


The experience gained both under this contract and the previous ones made Navimor International an expert in operating on the African market and is among the small group of Polish companies best prepared to operate in Africa. The NIGERDOCK project was also the beginning of a very fruitful cooperation between Navimor Int. And the GDAŃSK REPAIR SHIP.




The article 'Roman Kinda the polish of
snake Island ', THISDAY
Magazine, October 17, 1998, Lagos




The scope of works performed by Navimor International comprised the following main topics:

  1. Construction and delivery of Multifunctional Floating Dock 1800/3000T, with crane 3/5t/23/14m, fully equipped for autonomous operation.
  2. Construction, delivery and assembly of Workshop Complex with trestles, with all workshop equipment necessary for shipbuilding and off-shore constructions mounted inside.
  3. Construction of Off-shore Construction Area, with delivery of lighting masts and delivery of a custom designed sled system enabling loading od heavy constructions onto pontoons.
  4. Construction of Off-shore Quay with 2 mobile crane stands, together with dredging along the quay to the required depth.
  5. Construction of mooring jetty and Dock Jetty with double rails to Ship Assembly Workshop
  6. Construction of Office and Social Building, extension of housing estate for management and staff of the new shipyard
  7. Complete electric installation with generating sets fully covering the power needs of the shipyard.
  8. Construction and delivery of overhead travelling cranes, jib cranes, mobile and crawler cranes.
  9. Construction and delivery of custom designed transport carriages enabling quick and trouble free transport of materials and equipment between bays of the workshops.
  10. Complete network of telecommunication as well as delivery of complete oxygen producing plant
Floating dock:
  1. The Multifunctional Floating Dock was constructed in Poland in a department specialized in the construction of floating docks.
  2. The Dock with lifting capacity of 3000/1800 tons is equipped with the most modern and up-to-date machineries. The dock has its own electric power system, making it entirely independent from shore supply for all docking operations.
  3. The overall length of the dock being 110meters and width between the sides 19 meters allows lifting of all kinds of vessels up to 3000 tons, that is up to 6000 DWT.
Off-shore Construction Area:

The Off-shore construction area allows to build structures, oil rigs up to 4,000 tons, SPM buoys. The Off-shore Area is equipped with 60 tons capacity mobile cranes and 150 tons crawler crane for handling even the heaviest construction pieces.

The 13,000 sq. meters Off-shore construction Area has a two layer pavement made of crushed aggregate, laid on mechanically consolidated subsoil stabilized with Tensar geogrid. Moving the fabricated construction onto barges is performed by a custom designed sled system allowing trouble-free movement of constructions up to 4,000 tons.

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