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/Szafranova - a new housing estate located 20 minutes from the center/

Navimor is building new houses in Straszyn near Gdańsk, located just 10 minutes from the Tri-City ring road.


Szafranova is a new housing estate located just 20 minutes from the center of Gdańsk and 10 minutes from the Tri-City ring road, in the town of Straszyn. The investment consists of 28 two-room twins. The project is characterized by large areas - 85.62 m2, all so that the residents can live comfortably and comfortably.



An estate of semi-detached residential buildings.





Number of buildings - 28.00
Number of premises - 56.00 (the area of each premises is 85.62 m2)
Two-storey residential premises



SIÓDME NIEBO ( TEL.: 801 007 008 )


Advantages of the Szafranova investment:

- Low buildings,
- ground parking spaces,
- Own garden,
- Large area - 85, 62 m2, - 10 minutes to the Tricity Beltway,
- 10 minutes to Lake Straszyńskie,
- Home comfort included in the price of the apartment,
- 5 minutes to the Shopping Center,
- Proximity to public buildings


Under construction in December 2020.


Under construction in May 2021.


Under construction in May 2022.


Sales for this investment are carried out by the office SIÓDME NIEBO  ( tel: 801 007 008, info@siodme-niebo.pl )



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