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/Housing estate in Gdynia Wiczlino/

Construction of semi-detached houses as part of a development project at Memerta Stankiewicza str. and Leonida Teligi str. in Gdynia Wiczlino


The "Słoneczne Wiczlino" estate will consist of 20 semi-detached houses, situated on plots of 300-330 square meters. The way of building development guarantees the calm and intimate character of the estate.


Advantages of the Słoneczne WICZLINO investment:

- Low buildings,
- individual garages,
- Large area - 128m2,
- 10 minutes to the Tricity Beltway,

  Examples of interior arrangements


Under construction in December 2020


Sales for this investment are carried out by the office ADJ Investment  ( tel: 512 517 509, biuro@adjinvestment.pl )



House in the price of the apartament

A real house, with a garage, garden, storage space, hobby. Just a place where you can live more comfortably.


Our offer is addressed to people who do not want or cannot face the challenge of implementing such an investment using the economic method. Many people would simply like to buy a house at a reasonable price.


The area of the house is 128 sq m. In addition, there is the attic, which you can later develop on your own. The current development plan provides for only single-family housing in the area, there is no risk that a neighborhood of tall houses will grow in the vicinity


More information on the developer's website: http://adjinvestment.pl/

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