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Ship moduls, hulls and complete vessels

Design and production of complete maritime vessels of different types, fully outfitted ship modules and complete hulls

Main contractor and developer

Construction of complete facilities on turnkey basis with facility management as option

Construction of housing estates

Construction of modern, green housing estates adapted to the requirements of young people.

Technology transfer and educational services

Technological and educational support in the field of the operation of maritime units and training of specialized personnel

Project management

- Technical management,
- Consulting services,
- Catering and hotel services

Technology transfer and educational services

Navimor provides comprehensive and complete management services during the design, construction and delivery stages as well as during the after sale period.

Navimor International is a company with a very extensive experience, both in shipbuilding industry and in widely understood development activities. With the knowledge gained during our long-term activity, we execute projects with utmost attention to details and quality. We offer our customers full support in the field of technical management, design consulting and implementation of projects.


In order to keep our project at the highest level, we cooperate with numerous renown design offices,  research facilities and universities e.g. Maritime Academy in Gdynia. With this approach, our projects are always characterized by the highest quality, modernity and innovation.


 We provide comprehensive and complete project management during the design, construction and delivery stages as well as during the after sale period. We transfer “know-how”, assist in the technical maintenance and train the end-users’ personnel.

Our projects of vessels deliveries are extended by services connected with the exploitation and technical maintenance of delivered ships. These services are provided not only during the warranty period, but also after expiration of the warranty.


Navimor’s contracts for construction of complete objects, for example construction of Nigerdock Shipyard in Nigeria, included also numerous services related to technology transfer and technical management. For 15 years Polish experts from Navimor have been working in key technical positions  at the Shipyard. Navimor carried out in Poland complete  staff training program for the Nigerian personnel in the use and maintenance of shipyard equipment, including dry and floating docks operation.  Polish experts set up and ran vocational school at Nigerdock, which were preparing local highly qualified shipyard staff. This “know-how” and direct technological transfer resulted in achievement by the yard of the level, which allows to build complete vessels. Prefabricated elements delivered by Navimor from Poland in CKD systems were used to build, under the supervision of Polish specialists, river ferries – first floating vessels in the history of Nigeria, constructed in the country

In other African country, in Angola, experts from Navimor laid the foundations for the development of the maritime sector and marine education. In the eighties and nineties Navimor and Remontowa Shipyard ran school “Helder Neto” in city Namibe in Angola. The school educates student in vocations related to marine sector. Many years of work of dozens of Polish specialists delegated by Navimor greatly contributed to the education of professional Angolan cadres for maritime sector of this country.


The position and references of Navimor gained due to this project contributed to the choice of our company in 2006 by the Government of Republic of Angola as a partner in creation marine education in Angola at the academic level. As a result of contract concluded the Ministry of Fisheries of Angola  Navimor Int. built and establish Academy of Fisheries and Marine Sciences in city of Mocamedes (Namibe Province) in south part of the country.



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During realization of this project, the key meaning has the cooperation with our educational and scientific partner – Marine Academy in Gdynia. This modern academy, which is listed in the top three of the best maritime universities in the world, is responsible among the others for preparation of educational and organizational concept and educational programs for the Academy in Angola.


Our participation in development of Angolan marine staff is also continued. In the scope of project realized by Navimor, twenty students from Angola are studying on master and doctor levels in Marine Academy in Gdynia and University of Gdańsk.


The project of construction and establishment of the Academy in Angola was not the first project, when Navimor cooperated with Marine Academy in Gdynia. Navimor worked for the Academy, among other things as a shipbuilding consultant in the project of construction of research and training vessel Horyzont II.

Navimor also led to direct cooperation between Marine Academy in Gdynia and Wisła Shipyard in the scope of research and construction of prototype rescue platform to take people out of a water and life rafts with people that are in jeopardy of life on the sea during extreme (storm) hydro-meteorological conditions.


Navimor, together with Wisła Shipyard, has started cooperation with Faculty of Electrotechnics and Automatics of Gdańsk University of Technology in developing the concept and testing electric propulsion vessels built by Navimor and Wisła Shipyard Ltd. in Gdańsk.

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