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Ship moduls, hulls and complete vessels

Design and production of complete maritime vessels of different types, fully outfitted ship modules and complete hulls

Main contractor and developer

Construction of complete facilities on turnkey basis with facility management as option

Construction of housing estates

Construction of modern, green housing estates adapted to the requirements of young people.

Technology transfer and educational services

Technological and educational support in the field of the operation of maritime units and training of specialized personnel

Project management

- Technical management,
- Consulting services,
- Catering and hotel services

Project management

Navimor deals with development and management of projects in various sectors. Many projects are connected to the maritime sector but many other are performed in on-land construction and real-estate business

Each project is treated separately with special care of standards and quality of service - adapting to Customer’s needs.



Some examples of the projects:


1. Project of revitalization of Szafarnia street in Gdańsk


The project involved transferring production plant “Dagoma”  to a new-built facilities in outskirts of Gdansk  and conversion of the post-industrial area in the heart of the city into a modern waterfront. Project included:

  •   Change of the area development plan of the postindustrial area of former Dagoma plant
  •   Development program of expansion ofSzafarnia street for residential and service purpose - Waterfront
  •   Saving the granary "Góra" and its adapting to boutique Hotel



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2. Project of technical management of Nigerdock Shipyard in Lagos, Nigeria


In parallel to the contract for complete construction and outfitting of Nigerdock Shipyard in Nigeria Navimor was awarded contract for numerous services related to technology transfer and technical management of the shipyard.


For 15 years Polish experts from Navimor have been working in key technical positions  at the Shipyard. Navimor carried out in Poland complete training program for the Nigerian personnel in the use and maintenance of shipyard equipment, including dry and floating docks operation.  Polish experts set up and ran vocational school at Nigerdock, which were preparing local highly qualified shipyard staff. This “know-how” and direct technological transfer resulted in achievement by the yard of the level, which allows to build complete vessels. Prefabricated elements delivered by Navimor from Poland in CKD system were used to build, under the supervision of Polish specialists, river ferries – first floating vessels in the history of Nigeria, constructed in the country.



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3. Establishment and management of Lagos State Ferries Services


Another project carried out by Navimor in Nigeria comprised of development the transport company Lagos State Ferries Services and its technical management.


The project included construction of ferries from elements prefabricated in Poland and sent to Nigeria in CKD system. Construction of the ferries, its start-up and commissioning took place in Nigeria. These services were performed by a group of specialists from Wisla Shipyard and Remontowa Shipyard.  Polish experts delegated by Navimor were providing the management services in this transport company.   



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4. Management of food processing company Dagoma (2001-2006)


Navimor was involved in the project of management and restructuring of food processing company Dagoma. The project included following activities:

  • Participating in the privatization process of the company
  • Restructuring of the company
  • Construction of the brand new production plant in outskirts of Gdansk
  • The transfer of production to the new facilities
  • Continuation of the production and maintaining the brand
  • Sale of the company to investors from food processing sector



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5. Establishment of the Academy of Fisheries and Marine Science in Namibe, Angola  


One of the most important Navimor’s project is construction and establishing of the Academy of Fisheries and Marine Science in Namibe, Angola - the biggest Marine Academy on west coast of the African continent.


An inseparable element of this miscellaneous and comprehensive project  is creation of the educational process and providing services enabling start-up and maintenance of the new Academy. These aspects of the project are performed in close and every day  cooperation with Maritime Academy in Gdynia, Poland -, educational partner in the project.


The educational, organizational and technical services provided by Navimor and Maritime Academy in Gdynia included:

  • Elaboration of organizational and functioning concept of the Academy
  • Preparation of educational plans, programs and syllabuses
  • Training of the future staff of the Academy
  • Organization of the recruiting process
  • Technical management services at the Academy
  • Educational services of the Polish lecturers during the start-up period of the Academy



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6. Projects of design and construction of research/training vessels


Navimor has gained specific experience in the projects onstruction and equipping of specialized vessels for  academic and research entities like Maritime Academy in Gdynia and Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research.

  • Project and building of vessels to meet specific Owner's requirements
  • Equipping vessels with modern research equipment, including  "dry" and "wet" laboratories
  • Adapting vessels to the training function
  • Crews training on how to use and maintain the vessel



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