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Ship moduls, hulls and complete vessels

Design and production of complete maritime vessels of different types, fully outfitted ship modules and complete hulls

Main contractor and developer

Construction of complete facilities on turnkey basis with facility management as option

Construction of housing estates

Construction of modern, green housing estates adapted to the requirements of young people.

Technology transfer and educational services

Technological and educational support in the field of the operation of maritime units and training of specialized personnel

Project management

- Technical management,
- Consulting services,
- Catering and hotel services

Main contractor and developer

Navimor International is specialized in the realization of large-scale investments such as educational centers, shipyards, ports, logistics and industrial centers in Europe and Africa.


Academy of Fishery and Marine Sciences in Moçâmedes, Angola.


In 2015 Navimor International has completed the largest Polish and European educational investment in Africa consisting of the  creation and construction of the Academy of Fishery and Marine Sciences in Angola.



The entire investment covers an area of over 80 ha. The scope included the construction of the main university buildings with an area of more than 29,000 m2,  navigation simulator center, sea and fire rescue center, 30 thematic laboratories,  marine power plant center and many others.


The peninsula in the southwestern part of the city was chosen

for the construction of the Academy

Organization of construction site.

Signing the contract Roman Kinda - President of the Navimor Group,
The Minister of Fisheries Victória de Barros Neto,
Director of the Research, Development and Statistics Office, Isabel Cristóvão



The whole project also included the creation of the curriculum, organizational concept, IT system for university management and the provision of training and research vessels.




View after completion - entrance gate - main buildings of the Academy



Roman Kinda during a visit to the Academy of Fisheries and Marine Sciences with the Minister of Fisheries of Angola Victória de Barros Neto,
Polish Ambassador to Angola and Governor of the Namibe Province



Navigation simulator center




Fot : Academic laboratories. In total, the Academy was equipped with 30 thematic laboratories





As part of the contract, Navimor built a housing estate for academic staff consisting of twelve modernly equipped houses.






 Puls biznesu about the Academy
Fisheries in the Namibe.
 Rzeczpospolita about the Academy
Fisheries in the Namibe



Construction of the NIGERDOCK shipyard in Lagos, Nigeria.


Navimor built the NIGERDOCK Shipyard, which is the largest facility of this type in West Africa, intended for the construction and repair of off-shore structures and seagoing vessels







Nigerdock Shipyard
Lagos ( Snake Island)
Floating dock


Opening ceremony of  Nigerdock Shipyard


New production halls of Nigerdock 
Roman Kinda at the opening ceremony
shipyard with the participation of Vice President Admiral Akhibe.



Residential and service complex "SZAFARNIA WATERFRONT"

The total area of premises within the complex is 24,000 square meters.


On the sites of former industrial plants Navimor undertook the construction of a new quarter of the city in the form of an apartment and service complex called "Szafarnia Water Front".



The total area of premises within the complex is 24,000 square meters.



In post-production areas with an area of 10 thousand. m2, a complex of residential and service buildings was built



The style of the buildings refers with their facades to the historic architecture of Gdańsk. .



The project included the revitalization of areas along Szafarnia Street in Gdańsk.



As part of the "Szafarnia Waterfront" investment, a residential and service complex consisting of 200 units was built



One of the elements of this new investment is HOTEL GDAŃSK, which was built in the revitalized 17th century Granary "Góra", previously devastated by using it for years as an ordinary warehouse.



One of the key stages of the whole project is the revitalization of the XVIIth Granary "Góra" and its adaptation through a comprehensive reconstruction including the reinforcement of the supporting structure and the replacement of the roof  to the modern hotel - HOTEL GDAŃSK.


The investment is  completed in 2008 with the opening of the first part of the Gdansk Hotel, including the Brovarnia restaurant and mini brewery and the use of super  modern "Szafarnia Water Front" residential  and commercial  complex and the second part of the  yacht style hotel  referring to the nearby marina.

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